centraldispatch.com , jtracker.com Dealertrack Technologies Cox Automotive They run the dispatch board for the auto transport industry… 90% of it. Nationwide Nationwide!!. Both of these websites are the worst websites in the world… they suck. They are never fixed, never updated, fragil and un-trustworthy to the point were the owners of this site should be put in jail. The brokers and carriers forced to use this site for lack of a better option are frustrated every day by the 19 year old crap software that never gets fixed or updated. It’s extremely unstable. Take an order… hit save… order lost. Call the customer back… take order again.. look like an incompetent a******. Thank you Jtracker.com and Centraldispatch.com. Thanks for your complete lack of customer care. Thanks for your crap software that never gets fixed or updated. Thanks for your useless crap employees that don’t have a clue. Thanks for pissing every broker and carrier off on a daily basis and then doing nothing about it. Where is the U.S. Justice Department? Where is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration? Why can’t these lazy no good dumb a** college graduates who have a computer degree build a dispatch board that works? [email protected]#[email protected]# You Central Dispatch and f*** the horse you rode in on. You SUCK big time. Go back under the rock you crawled out from. If I ever see the owner of Central Dispatch or Jtracker I swear I would go to jail for punching the a****** in the face. I would have 12,000 charactor witnesses though that would say Central Dispatch deserved it. They drive their customers crazy on a daily basis. Screw you employees at Jtracker who never fix anything for over 10 years! Screw you you lazy a** b*******. Thanks for crap service and crap website that sucks so bad. Investors who invested in Cox Automotive and these two sites….. your an a****** for not knowing that every customer of Cox Automotive hates their guts. Jtracker site down again today. Truckers stuck on the road.. brokers out of business while waiting for software to be repaired. Hours lost. Somebody please take over this site that gives a crap about the auto transport industry. Cox Automotive, Manheim Auto Auctions, Jtracker, Central Dispatch… boycott this crap companies and the jerkoffs that work there.

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