Using clients to make money, not getting treatment


My Complaint: Using program as a front to make money, clients not recieving treatment paid for by the state, clients always in the streets selling baked goods, the person incharge of the program keeps the good donations for him self and his family members instead of giving it to the clients or selling it to raise funds for the program given by the community,and sending false reports to the state about clients progress reports,the clients food stamps are being used to buy the supplies to make the baked goods they sell,the food stamp card are not in the facility,the cards are being held by the person incharge,and when the client quits the program,they use up all the funds on the card before they return it back to the clients,so when the clients leave they have to wait til the next month to have funs to eat.None of the staff is qualified or certified to deal w/ the clients that have mental or phisical that the program is recieving monies from the state or federal funds and many more issuse,they need to be investigated by the city,state,and federal agencies a.s.a.p.


My Demand: stop them from using state funds,and using clients to sell baked products in the streets, clients not recieving treatment state is paying.