This company is a joke. I was a General Manager at this company, and after nearly 2 years of working there I resigned. The owner, Brendan Mangnitz, is an unethical/immoral individual who rips his employees off equally as much as customers. He would wrongfully terminate employees as he saw fit, with no disregard to their families. I relocated my fiancĂ© and 2 year old daughter from Naples to Orlando and was forced to pay all my relocation costs. My job was sales, simple as that. I was forced to service my sales or face “chargebacks” (back charging of a sale) if work was not completed. There was no policy on this, but that wouldn’t stop this money-hungry owner from taking money back from hard working employees. My entire staff was terminated, for no reason, just to save on payroll. I than had a decision, stay and work by myself for base salary (there are no benefits at this job FYI) or pursue another job opportunity. There are over 30 different websites that are all Centurian Services. It is nothing but false advertising to get his sales staff in front of people. I couldn’t even tell you the amount of times customers asked me, “Do you work for the county?”. There are also several websites made my Brendan Mangnitz, through Critter Marketing, endorsing marijuana use. To customers, all the salesman in this company were told to price everything extremely high. You could pay $3,000 for the same services that another customer paid $800 for. The amount of customer complaints were so high that the office had to hire an employee just to deal with them all specifically. There are currently 0 employees in Orlando. No one in the Lakeland/Tampa Bay area has been in the company for more than 3 months. There are currently 0 employees in the Naples/Fort Myers area. Every employee in North/South Carolina was terminated. Every employee in San Antonio, Texas was fired/resigned (an employee even stole a customer’s wedding ring). The employee in Sarasota has a felony arrest for theft (stolen checks while under methamphetamine use). One of the employees in Austin, Texas has a felony arrest for armed robbery. There is NO standardized training at all, the quality of work varies drastically region by region, yet majority of service technicians were fired for “not following protocols”. Sorry to all of the customers that service wasn’t satisfactory for, my staff and I in Orlando tried our best given the little support provided.


Name: Centurian Services, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Auburn


Phone: 1-256-808-2988