Centurion Security Group Company writes bounced checks many many many times! Miami Florida!!. I was an employee for Centurion Security Group. In less than one year that I have worked received three confirmed bounced checks. The checks that where paid was paid days if not weeks after our pay schedule was due. This was not just me saying this there are others that worked here that had the same issues. Avoid working for this company unless you want to work and not get paid or get paid weeks later. This company had zero consideration that they wrote you a bad check or that they were late paying you. Causing you finance grief, overages or fees, they will simply tell you they don’t manage your finances. Which is very good thing since they can’t manage their own finances. If you dare complain about this you will ge fired for a bogus reasons. They used to have direct deposits but since they consistenly don’t have funds and have been switching banks you have travel to homes

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