Complaint: On September 26, 2003 i took my car to Century BMW complaining of a lack of power and sluggishness. The first diagnosis was made and I paid out $352.00. One month later I had to take my car back to the shop complaining of the same issue. This time they told me it was my Gear Shifter so I paid out $400.00. I picked up my car on November 15th and the same day the probelm reoccured but was worse than before. I contacted the shop and they to bring it in as soon as possible. Being this happened on the weekend I took the car in on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon another technician called to say now that I had a leak coming from my transmission and that it would cost $265.00 to have this repaired. I immediately asked for the manager’s number and other appropriate people’s numbers and left voicemails stating the nature of my problem. Later that evening I received a voicemail message; that I still have, from Bobbie Bishop the General Manager, stating that “he understood my frustration and that my car would be fixed at the cost of Century BMW due to the misdisgnosis. They kept my car for about 2 weeks leaving me a loner. I received a call on December 5th

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Address: from Ronnie Poole stating that they needed their car and that I needed to pay the $1

Website: South CarolinaU.S.A.”

Phone: 350.00 to have my transmission repaired