Complaint: I purchased a used Dodge Durango 4X4 in Oct. of 2003. I purchased the extended warranty in Nov. of 2003. The first part of Feb. 2004 I went to roll my window down to get our newspaper and the window would not go back up. I later got the window to go up and did not take it in to the shop immediately as I had other things going on. A couple days later we got below zero temperatures and on my way home I had no heat in me vehicle so I checked the antifreeze and it was low so I added some. Still I have no heat. I contacted my service technician that I have done many years of business with and he told me to bring vehicle in asap. I took vehicle in Monday morning and he told me they would try to have done yet that day. Monday night I receive a call from my technician that Century Warranty would send out a vehicle inspector no later than Wed. Night. When he came to inspect vehicle he said window would not be covered because it was caused from the cold weather. Crock of Bull I hav had power windows on all my vehicles never has window not rolled down. Also I needed a new thermostat because mine was bad warranty said it covered thermostat inspector said they would only cover the gasket not thermostat because it was not bad. I went to pick up vehicle on Thur. I owed $123.00 on bill because warranty never covered diagnostics like it said it did & never paid for the thermostat which id clearly stated in contract as being covered. I have since cancelled my contract and am looking for a better one that does not lie. It also did not cover a lot of things that were stated as being listed because they said the vehicle had over 50,000 miles it was wear and tear items not once did they tell me this when I purchased the contract and the mileage on the vehicle was at 57,686. Look out for them they are crooks and I told them that. I also told them I was turning them over to the attorney general and they told me to go ahead. Tammy Sawyer, North DakotaU.S.A.

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