Complaint: Around the end of June we started having problems with our DSL Internet service from Century Link. It seemed to lag and was taking longer to navigate most web sites and that was not an issue during the previous few months because we upgraded to 40 Mbps download speed. On 4th of July weekend, my guy checked the modem status at URL and saw the speed was now suddenly set at 25 Mbps by our provider. He then did an Internet Speed Check at and saw our speed was under 23 Mbps so he called tech support and asked what was going on. He was told that the lines were being worked on and the issue would be resolved by the 5th of July. On July 8th, he again checked the speed listed on the modem status page and did another speed test and the results had not changed. He called tech support again and asked why we were now getting 23 Mbps instead of the 40 Mbps we were paying to receive. He explained to the tech that he used to install DSL and knew someone had altered our account’s speed setting and it needed to be corrected now. The tech blustered all kinds of excuses about line repairs, etc. and then put him on hold to take the issue up with the department that has responsibility for setting and inputting the modem speeds. The tech came back on the line and said that a repair tech would be out to check the lines on Sunday between 8 am and noon and this was free of charge unless he had to enter our apartment. She told him to restart his computer and put him on hold once again. Instead of restarting his pc he just sat and was watching the modem status. Amazingly, the speed was suddenly changed back to the 40 Mbsp again. The tech came back on the line still talking about line problems and repair tech appointments, so my guy told her the speed had just been reset. She denied that it was reset and was definitely not happy to hear he was watching as it was corrected. She insisted on having our lines checked out by a tech so there would not be any further speed issues. On Sunday a repair truck showed up at 12:03 pm and we received a text saying our service had been repaired. Funny, it was never broken to begin with! It was just good old Century Link defrauding, deceiving, and outright lying to their customers in an attempt to sell more costly Internet speed and the necessary equipment needed to facilitate its use. Anyone using Century Link as an Internet provider would be wise to check their modem web page for their current speed and run an Internet Speed Check at least once per week to insure they are receiving their promised speed.

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