The worst company i have ever come across. They play you and play with your mind and your hard earned money. All their employees are big liars and are trained by the conman cum boss John J Kresevic himself. The terrible agent assigned to me was extremely unprofessional and reckless. He either lost forms or sent my personal information to someone else or told me he contacted my old bank, which he never did. Finally when I thought I was done being traumatised, they changed the terms and conditions. How ridiculous is that? Please stay away from them. A lot of people warned me but little did i know, JFQ Lending is full of scammers and conmen. From top to bottom, this company is full of filth and corruption. All that these con artists care about is ripping you off your money. JFQ Lending needs to be investigated by the authorities, i can guarantee you their license will be cancelled and the mafia boss named John J Kresevic will be behind bars. When i read more about their boss in this article , i saw John J Kresevic has assaulted a 65 year old taxi driver and was arrested too. How sick and disugusting is that? Why would anyone , anyone in the united states will invest even a dollar with a convicted felon. This criminal needs to exposed and needs to remain in prison. How can a criminal be trusted with innocent peoples money? I was shocked when i read this, and i feel bad for all the people who got lured into this scam. My humble advise to each one of you, stay as far as you can from JFQ Lending and do not let them brainwash you. Watch out and Beware!

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