SCAM by Certified Diamonds And Gemstones, Inc.


My Complaint: SCAM ALERT DIAMONDS FRAUD IN MIAMI BY VERONICA WALDMAN KNOWN AS VERONICA LEE WALDMAN President of Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. Based in Miami Florida, running a SCAM company along with her husband Steve Waldman know as Steven Adam Waldman with a long past criminal activities, and still under probation until 2021.

We entered into a business venture with this thief?s about two years ago on February 13 2013 we have been provided with Fake and forged GIA certificates, forged photos, fake videos, fake HSBC Bank Documents, and so many lies about polished and rough diamonds.

Based on our bad experience we suggest not to deal with this fraudulent company Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. or its directors Veronica Waldman, or her husband Steve Waldman, nothing that states on their website:www.certifieddiamonddea… is true, no refund policy, no stones, its a complete FRAUD, SCAM, FORGERY and much more.

We?ve our credibility with our clients in Millions of Dollars, we are embarrassed in front of our most respectable clients, for so many lies and delays with great loses.

We?ve been asking for the money back, for the last year, they came up with false statement as they did with others, and still have the nerves to file a lawsuit against us, of copying images from their website, when the truth is that they have copied our design, and our style. This was done for one reason only of not giving us the money back?

See their website on November 4 2013:…

See our website on: February 2 2011:…

Who copied who? we trust your judgment.

We had signed a contract for a special 71.10 carat Purplish Pink Stone, placed a deposit for it, and Steve Waldman was suppose to travel to Argyle Mine Australia to bring this special colored diamonds to GIA NY for inspection, and we was told that in two week, he should be back with the pink stone, and submitted to GIA New York for inspection, and we had waited and waited until today since January 27 2014 until today, no sign of stone, or document as promised until now.

Watch Video at:…

We found out that Steve Waldman is under probation until 2021, and he could not leave the USA without court order, and he acted as he had traveled to Australia when he could not leave the USA, and had send us fake photo that he took from another site, and place with Photoshop along with his passport and some documents, to make us believe that he had the parcel and that he actually in Argyle mine Australia, while at the same time was in Miami Florida.

As you can see an email was sent by Steve Waldman with the fake photo, there are 100?s of emails stating that he was in Australia, bit he wasn?t there at all.

We?ve asked for some proofs. like air tickets, custom fees documents or any other proof that the stone exist with GIA, and he refused to provide any proof, it is quite clear that he did not travel, or had any proof, its all was lies, and a complete fraud.

You can review the recorded call was made to GIA NY with one of GIA Agent by the name of Robinson cooperating along with Steve Waldman that the pink stone exist at GIA NY, and Steve Waldman is bribing the Agent to lie that the pink stone is under inspection.

In another words, we would like to make the public aware of this TOTAL SCAM, FRAUD, FELONY, FORGERY and much more.

Stay away from this company as much as you can. If you had similar experience with this people please let us know, please spread the word about this criminals, we do not want to have other innocent people loosing their money with this THIEF?s

Please contact us for more evidence, and proofs, we got it all

[email protected]