On October 17th, 2017 we took one of our vehicles to goodyear for full maintenance services including replacing the shocks. We had the engine completely checked out, all fluids and hoses replaced and were told that it was in good shape with no major concerns and plenty of miles left on the engine. It’s a diesel vehicle which usually last for a very long time when maintained. We paid them $2,481.52 and following services were rendered. Maintenance analysis and inspection Pressure block test Oil change and filter change, Air filter change, radiator flush, coolant flush, replace hoses, remove and replace thermostats, power steering flush, Replace front shocks. | On November 17th, 2017 (one month later) there was a very loud noise from the engine and the truck broke down while driving on the freeway. The engine completely froze and the rocker arm BROKE IN HALF and blew 2 huge holes through the engine. Evidently there was NO oil at all in the engine causing it to freeze and the rocker arm to actually break in 2 and destroy the entire engine. Upon looking at the engine it was also discovered that the brand new shocks were improperly installed as well. The bolts holding them in place were completely loose and easily turned by hand and here were no bushings in place.. We have photos and videos documenting the damage to the engine which is not repairable as well as showing how loosely installed the shocks were. Having done a major service just 1 month earlier we immediately called Goodyear. The employee who was the one who initially took in the truck admitted that this was a big problem and that Goodyear would likely take care of it. However the manager changed his tune by the following day. They admit no wrong doing and take ZERO responsibility to the damage caused. | We have had this truck for several years and there were no major leaks or problems. We took it in for shocks, maintenance and to be checked out in order to keep it in good condition. The entire engine now has to be replaced which will cost well over $6000. Goodyear is claiming that the very loose shocks are from wear and tear (after 1 month?) Sorry but they weren’t loose when the vehicle was taken in for service and those shocks were far older than 1 month. Goodyear has handled this in a very unprofessional manner and refuses to take any action to resolve this matter. They offered for us to bring it in and they’ll replace the shocks. That is no help as the entire engine is completely destroyed and needs to be replaced. This vehicle is used in our business and costs us thousands per week in lost revenue by being out of service. They refused to even refund the $2418 that was paid 1 month earlier. | We have had this looked at by two different mechanics and they both say that the engine was blown due to the work done by goodyear. They were APPALLED at the way the shocks were installed. Had the engine not blown up, the shocks were so very loose that they could have fallen off causing serious injury. We are requesting that Goodyear replace the engine as clearly there is an issue with the work that was done. If the shocks were not tightened at all, then it’s just as likely that other items were left loose causing the oil to completely drain out.


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