Loan scam non refund of security money


My Complaint: Was contacted stating i qualified for a loan of $5000 USD. Was sent contract and was told because of my credit score i needed to pay 6months of payments up front. I sent money and contract etc and then money wasnt deposited. When i called i was told that the company who was gonna give me the loan wanted 6 more months of payments. I sent that via western union. Again no money the next day. When i called they told me that the loan company backed out but they have a new offer from a new company for a loan of $10,000 USD and that it be the same interest as previous loan offer. They then asked for an additional $600. I refused and told them i wanted my money back. Was told that i would receive my money in my acct o the next billing cycle. Now the phone number is no longer in service and website cant be found. I have copies of both contracts and other info given to me via email.


My Demand: I want my money in the amount of $1566.00 usd to be returned to me right away.