I am a previous model for Mrs. Chante Hood. I was with her agency for ten months– in which amount of time I did five fashion shows, four photoshoots, three promotional videos, modeled on live news, did a music gig, etc. I barely made $400 for all the work I did with her. There were several promises of money where Mrs. Hood fell short. Come to find out, I was not the only model being treated this way. When I decided to leave he agency, I was told I had broken my contract (which I swear to you ended six months prior) and Mrs. Hood said I had to pay $350 to forfeit the fees for an upcoming photoshoot that I had opted out of. Well, the other models that did the shoot DIDNT EVEN GET PAID FOR IT. And when the other models started asking questions about their money– Mrs Hood send everyone a text saying she was shutting the agency down. Well she wiped out all of the older models and now she’s at it again with fresh faces who have no idea what a terrible businesswoman Mrs. Hood is. I just no longer with to see bad things happen to the good people Mrs Hood bring in with all her promises she never fulfills. Please help put a stop to this.