Shawn Hewer and Chamberlain Construction were contracted by a 90 year old family member to replace the roof over her sundeck. Unfortunately the platic panels were not installed properly ( The horizontal plastic closure strips giving support to the new plastic panels were not utilized). | As a result the plastic panels sagged under the onslaught of the first rain (and every subsequent rainfall) and water leaked back towards the house and all over the deck) The panel were also not trimmed to ensure water flow into the gutters. | The first wind that came up started the panels flapping around and in the middle of the night it was necessary to tie the panels down with rope to secure them as there were only a few screws holding them down. | Regretfully reference and reviews were not checked prior to the work being done. There was not one positive review for Shawn Hewer or Chamberlain construction. Shawn was called and promised to come back and remove the 8 or 9 panels and install them properly but of course it was an exercise in frustration. | Even though his invoice says he guarantees his work for two years, the only guarantee that you can be sure of, is that you will get the run around and end up out of pocket. He claims to be licensed in the city of Surrey but upon checking, he does not have a business licence. He has a work safe stamp on his quote sheet but is not registered with work safe BC. | He has a PST # on his quote sheet but it is a phony number. Do not make a mistake by hiring Shawn Hewer or Chamberlain construction as you will be disappointed. He has taken advantage of my 90 year old family member who unfortunately is not computer savvy. She paid cash for the job which was another mistake. Be wise and do you due diligence before you hire any contractor.


Name: Chamberlain Construction Shawn Hewer

Country: Canada


City: Surrey, British Columbia

Address: 18312 Hunter Place

Phone: 604-719-3499