This story starts in early August of 2016. My friend needed a place to stay until she was able to get on her feet. I said ok no worries I have a spare room and a few rules. 1. Do not mistreat my animals. 2. DO NOT get involved with my brother. 3. pay rent when you get your check on the first. 4. DO NOT get involved with my brother. When she got here my daughter was coming over that day too. My brother called and I told him my daughter was here back from Texas if he wanted to see her and what not. He said he would but I didn’t know that he had spoken to our mother and mama told him that Karma was here. To be honest I didn’t want to believe it but that was the ONLY reason my brother came over was to see Karma. He had his wife and kids in tow and his wife was not tooooo happy about coming into my house. I do not care that my sister in law does not like me what I care about is that my brother did wrong by her and I want this person Karma Chandra Woodard to be known for what she is. She TRIED to infiltrate our family basically wanting to destroy it from with in. She ALMOST succeeded with myself and my husband. NO my husband did NOT cheat on me with her. She knew what buttons to push and got him extremely angry after he left to cool down a moment (like 2 or 3 days) at his mother’s house it was determined that we needed to work on some things. Which we were doing. So she did not destroy us per-say. The rest of my family is a different story, she would tell me the awful things my family supposedly said about me behind my back. So that I would not have anything to do with them. She didn’t know that I would ask them about it. By the time October hit she had moved out of my house and in with my brother. The pictures of the Facebook convo is from the time she was living with him. Do not get me wrong he is as much at fault as she is, my brother and sister in law are seeking counseling and I do not want my actions to hinder that. So I am keeping him nameless for now. She lived with him until a week before my birthday then moved back in with me with her “girlfriend” same rules applied to both of them. Her girlfriend left her shortly after Christmas right before New Years Day. In the end before she left for Grand Junction CO she was trying to get me to think I was crazy. She even tried to be me at one point doing things that only I do. I do not know what is going on with her just that she needs a good butt whooping by someone or her nick name Karma to hit her royally and soon. She has been gone out of my house for almost a week now and I am happier for it. I got tired of her drug use in my house and in the end she has started using my brother to the point he sends her money so she don’t tell his wife. He is in a messed up situation right now. I hope soon very soon we can start the healing process so that we can put this behind us. SO GUYS IN GRAND JUNCTION CO beware of this girl she will leave you where you stand and make people think you abused her just so she make bank else where. I really do believe there is a special place in hell for people like her.