The market is filled with scams and is one of them. This company wasted months, literally MONTHS, for making a simple delivery. I didn’t think they’d be this incompetent and unprofessional but I soon realized my mistake after I hired them. They lie to you, force you and God knows what else. There are a ton of other shipping companies, so please, please go someplace else and avoid this crappy company. You wouldn’t want to pay double the price of a late shipment for no reason, would you?
They don’t even deserve 1 star for what they did with me. I decided to hire this company to get my car to deliver but the whole experience was horrible. I booked the date around 2 months ago and shared all the details with them just to make sure everything was up and up. I did not hear anything from them until on the day of delivery I had to call them to confirm my shipment.
On the day of my shipment, I was being that at the last moment that they could not accommodate a driver to get me assisted. I was furious to hear that because then why was there a need for me to book them around 2 months ago. They told me that I had to wait for another 2 days until they can arrange me a driver. Upon calling them I was being welcomed by one of their rude customer service representative who showed aggressive behavior to me and was not seemed to be bothered to hear my concerns. I told him that I could not wait for another 2 days because I had my flight the next morning and I could not miss it to which he told me to shut up. I did not appreciate this behavior because this is not the way to treat your customers, then I get a call back from them. Thought it would be a call to apologize me for what their customer representative did with me but this was not the case. They ask me to pay double if I wanted to get my car shipped the next morning. They knew that I had no chance but I will agree on it and they can make their money also by playing such kind of games. is just a money-making company who will treat you nice and fair as long as you are going to spend your money on them and as soon as you left they will not care about you. The whole experience turned out to be a nightmare for me. gives you no support because they have one of the worst customer service staff who is untrained. I do not wish to ever visit this company again nor going to recommend it to anyone as it is just a waste of time and money. Make sure you read this review because I don’t want you to get through from which I went.

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