I had a woman send me a friend request on facebook saying that she was the official lottery person for Mark Zuckurburg and that I won $600,000. it seemed real. she sent me a pic of her work ID & sounded honest. I had seen on facebook that Mark Z. was running a lottery to thank his facebook users. as we were chatting she informed me that I couldn’t tell anyone that I won and that I needed to send $350 to receive my check to a lady in Indiana. I asked her why I needed to send that money to Indiana when she is in CA. she said that was the person who was driving to my home to deliver the check and that I would be reimbursed. red flags went up so I googled this lady’s name she came up and so did the real lady that works for facebook not the same lady. I have the name of the lady plus all the info iof the lady I am supposed to send the money to plus the phone number of a guy who is also involved.