I strongly recommend NOT renting from Charles Burt Property Management. Very bad about answering and returning phone calls. Very fast to get us signed as tenants, but very slow to take care of business once we were already renting, and once we were moving out. nTo current tenants, MAKE SURE EVERYTHING is in writing and follow the Missouri State laws if your lease is up, from our experience they do not go by it if it is not an automatic renewing lease, and this can really hurt you in the end if you are not aware of this. According to this agency, Missouri law does not honor prorating, if anything is agreed upon about prorating rent, make sure it is in writing as well, DO NOT just take their word. nAlso, just from my point of view, I wish I would not have trusted them and would not have cleaned the house like I did when we moved out. We left the house extremely clean and well taken care of, and still managed to not get our deposit back for other reasons that were completely unexpected to us. We are VERY unimpressed with the way things were handled.

20th Ave. Joplin, MO Joplin, Missouri United States of America


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