Complaint: i rented the automotive building on 8325 us Hwy 19 port richey fl 34668 on june 2012 i did sign a one year lease of the building . i worked with the codes department and local city to fallow all regulations . i opened my door and my business was a hugh success with the local community . i offered discounted services to everyone. i know that people don’t have the money for unneeded automotive repairs. we offered free workshops to the community every 1st saturday of each month on how customers can save on fuel costs and how to change a flat tire or how to check the oil and other fluids on there vehicle … we also offered coupons for there maintenance services so we offered free services and free diagnostics to our customers . well the first time it rained i found that the roof was leaking in the shops working area and i told the landlord.. he had a roofer come out about three weeks later and look at the roof … the roofer told me that the roof needs to be replaced and this was a waste of his time august a rain storm the roof leaked in a different place and caused 3700.00 worth of damage to a beautiful jaguar convertible that i had in the shop over night .in september a rain storm caused 16000.00 in damage to shop equipment. again i told the landlord about this leaking roof issue and he told me to go bite myself … i did hire a lawyer and she informed me that i signed a as/is lease and i really can’t do much about this issue .. i thaught a as/is clause means that if a window is broke or a light switch is missing that is as/is. not that the roof didn’t hold water …. i saying if he would of disclose that the roof leaks and you cant put any of your tools over here and don’t put any cars over here i wouldn’t rented this space in a million years.. it costs almost 20k to open a business and i can’t afford to move at this time due to the high cost .. i was forced to close my door … i would just like to state .if anyone rents this building beware of the roof and the landlord

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Address: 8325 us hwy 19 port richey florida port richey, Florida United States of America


Phone: 727-847-4611