Charlie Falk Auto mulitple mechanical issues with car Portsmouth virginia!!. when i thought i was actually being helped at i dunno.. when i pulled into the dealer my vehicle was on the verge of dying they knew this because i made them aware of that, so i bought this car its a 2001 galant, i’ve had it for about 3 weeks its already been in the shop 2 times for a strange noise that’s commin from the passenger side like a low grinding and it only does it when the car is first ran after sitting for a few hours, and it affects the brakes to the point they almost dont stop . after a few stops they adjust eventually but abs brakes shouldn’t be doing that period thats a serious saftey issue! so its been in the shop two times the first time nothing second time it stopped for a few days but is acting up again, i live an hour and a half away from work! so getting a ride every time this happens isn’t exactly easy for me , now its week 3 they took my first car payment, a

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Charlie Falk Auto