Complaint: I was a wholesaler. I use a wholesale website they run and stock. I order gift cards on their website and it populated a discount rate when I purchase over 280.00. I then used those cards to purchase products off their website. Apparently, they do not off discount gift cards. ( their words). Yet they were available on their website where they control products and pricing?? Instead of being a responsibe adult run and professional company, they were sneaky and under handed. They could not take ant responsibility for their action and shifted all blame to me. As if I am responsible for the products they list on their website? They even accused me of an ethics problem. For buying from their website. I should not say They. Itu2019s Anna the owner I corresponded with. Charlies mother, the child the company is named after. She acted emotionally and unprofessional. I only found out there was an issue when they completely disabled my account, cancelled My pending orders and even stoppied the UPS deliveries returning them to sender ( themselves). I inquired why my account password did not working received an emailing saying that there were gift card discrepancies. Then she informed me they would not honor gift cards nor would they be refunding my mone. Then she went further and sent me a bill saying that I had ordered previously, received that order and their system allowed me a discount I wasnu2019t entitled to. They stole my money and I have NOTHING to show for it. They are completely unprofessional and unethical. I have all the documentation of all transaction and her email saying she would not refund me. Beware of this company. They are shady.

Tags: Clothing & Jewelry Sales

Address: 41 Pitts street Natick, Ma United States