We were sincerely looking for a puppy, and came across this website. We corresponded back and forth, were assured that everything was guaranteed, and chose the puppy. We were told to send $499 through Zelle Pay. I contacted a bank to check that Zelle was real–it is, but takes no responsibility whatsoever, even with fraud and scamming. Unfortunately, I sent the money. THEN I received an email from the "shipping company, ecopets.com (ecopetscarrier!gmail.com) telling me that due to "hazardous weather condition" in Charoltte (I checked; it was 85 and light breezes), we need to pay a "refundable crate deposit," for which we had three choices, $850, $1150, or $1250. I immediately sent a text, and then called, Jake Miller of the companies listed, including MyPremiumPuppy (registered trademark included). He offered to pay a portion; I told him I did not have the money,a nd a "refundable deposit" for a few hours was ridiculous, as well as the phony weather report. He said he would check and get back to me, which, obviously never happened. I sent a follow-up text and email, but nothing. Afterward, I checked on mypremiumpuppy.com, and there were myriads of complaints of people, like me, who had been scammed. Please stop these people from playing on emotions! They are dangerously fraudulent!!