Paid for a product, received another. Couldn’t contact for return


My Complaint: A friend of mine recommended a cologne to me (pherlure) so i googled it and a list of websites popped up. i went to and reviewed a list of colognes i naturally chose the #1 pick “Edge Up” I googled that checked the list and went to there i clicked on the order now because the web page looks legitimate and i wanted to try the stuff. so i ordered a bottle and received a confirmation email or customer receipt for purchase from “Craig Hornung” the email gave order information;
Merchant: CharmPros
Description: Charm Pros OrderId 230339678
Invoice Number: 230339678
Date/Time: 13-Aug-2014 7:09:02 PDT
Transaction ID: 6411034276
later i received another email from Charm Pros thanking me for my order with shipping info and a discount coupon. three days later i received a package from vanguard consumer products address 150 shelton ln russellville, ky 42276 the product i received was not cologne but pur nail fungus i went to my email and read;

Thank you again for your order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below. If you contact us regarding this order, please quote your Order ID # 230339678

Charm Pros
[email protected]

to contact them for the exchange of the products. when i tried the email it was non existent like the phone number. so i went back to the website and looked for contact info. i found:
104 Andrew Street, Kingston, NY 12402

Contact: [email protected] that was non existent as well

I then went to my bank account to see and make sure my money was still there and i investigated the transaction

it read; 08/13/2014 CHARM PROS 845-943-1444 NY US
Description: Debit: Signature purchase from 234567890 CHARM PROS 845-943-1444 NY US

I called that number and talked with an individual from new york who mentioned others had called him with the same problem he said that they had been scammed as well. i then took action and cancelled my card and found my way here.


My Demand: a full refund or product exchange. and those responsible brought to justice because i am not the only one who had a fast one pulled on them.