Received an email at first for loan approval. Then received a phone call from Laura Rose their loan administrator. The loan was approved for $8,000, then was told had to pay a $450 "pre-loan" guaranteed 3 months payment. Then told I had to pay $780 for IRS tax fee, then another $640 for insurance (which was told applied by mistake to loan and then asked to send in another $640). After complaining to them that this was a scam, the Manager in the Finance got rude and said they were cancelling my loan, money would be returned to me. The money and fees to wire (to Canada: Attn: Jennifer and Tracy Frederick, owners of the fund providing the loan. I was told the money would be sent back to me, all fees included, February 22, 2017. This business has since disconnected the phone as I informed them the authorities were looking into this situation. I contacted Western Union, who contacted the Canadian authorities to see if the photos could be captured of the recipients of this money. Also, I was told by Elizabeth at Chartwell that the two workers, Laura and Candice would be terminated for mishandling of my loan process. Contacted the Attorney General of NYC and was informed to contact a personal attorney, even though the intenet was used in this matter.