CHASE AUTO GROUP After spending $20k on a loan they still wanted me to buy a warranty program from them, I’ve Only had the SUV 2 1/2 weeks and it’s repair after repair Dumfries Virginia!!. If I knew that I was going to spend $20k on a vehicle, and not get a warranty included in my price the smart thing would’ve been was to walk away from this deal ASAP. Calling back to see if they can help with repairs is a NO GO… If you’re not willing to buy a warranty program from them they are not going to help you at all. This SUV is a lemon…. I’m constantly making repairs on this Range Rover and only had it less then 2 1/2 weeks. Don’t buy from this location dealer in Dumfries, VA. I now will have to get a rental car because the truck is unsafe to drive. Before I go… Another thing is everything there is a add-on cost they want you to pay for everything from trumped up fees to warranty programs that I think should automatical

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