Jerry Sager of Chase Capital Advisors indicates he is part of J P Morgan Chase, he will write you a LOI offering to lend you several million and reguire that all the escrow deposits have to go into a J P Morgan Chase bank. | He will reguire a 1% good faith deposit and then after receiving it he will cover you up in request for documentation. In my case we paid the $67,500 deposit and then we provded all requested documentation and got a receipt for same. | We then demanded that Chase close on our funds and got a letter back from a California lawyer indicating that we had abandoned the loan. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact we had to go out and secure a real lender and are working now to close on or before 12/28 to meet our deadlines. | What I have found out since: | Chase Capital Advisors has nothing to do with J P Morgan Chase. | Jerry Sager states that he has financed many golf courses and Hotels but I cannot find a single one that he has financed. | Jerry Sager states and Chase’s web-site indicates that they are a direct lender. I cannot find anything that he or Chase has financed. | You cannot believe anything on the Chase web-site.


Name: Chase Capital Advisors, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Palm Beach Gardens

Address: 6231 PGA Boulevard

Phone: 888-937-8354