Complaint: We live behind a property where the neighbors went into Foreclosure proceedings with Chase. Due to this they decided to move out of the property, and left the lawn unmowed with weeds growing every where. Chase has been called to advise that the condition of the lawn was causing the foot high weeds to slowly spread into our back yard, and that my husband ended up having to go over to trim the weeds and grass…. asked when they were going to get someone over to take care of the maintenance to the property and was advised a work order was opened and property was being transferred to HUD so it may take awhile for the maintenance to begin. I requested being that they were not taking care of the property, that my husband be reimbursed for his time, gas to our mower, and wear and tear to our mower (even if it were $20). They told me no they are not able to do so, and just stated to allow the work order to process and they would have the vendor take care of the maintenance here on out. As these weeds are already taking over their yard, that is the biggest issue for us – we do not want those weeds creeping into our property and stated I wanted a time frame of when they would be there to finally spray the weeds and what not and was advised it will take some time and that was not sure whether they would spray or not, and not to expect it being completely anytime soon. When I was told this I advised how can you tell someone who does not want the unmaintained properties weeds in their yard, that no they are not going to be reimbursed for trying to ensure those weeds are not being spread into their own yard if no one from their company will come to maintain it. This company does not give a S((( about anyone unless you are giving them money, sorry yet last I knew homes are generally in communities like we are in, and none of the neighbors will generally want the unmaintained property spilling over to their own property. Hope that the majority of the employees of this company have to experience a neighbor being foreclosed on, and the property not being maintained – so that they can feel a little more for others, and understand most other mortgage companies will pay individuals the measily $20 to take care of the maintenance when it is a need, yet they are one of the only that feels they should not have to do so……. Glad I do not have them for a mortgage company the snide employees have no compassion!!!!!!

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