This lovely lady likes to date married men AND her mother, Tammy Rifkin, assists her in doing so by providing the location for such disgusting and immoral trysts to occur. Sadly, my very good friend felt the devastating effects of this young lady and her mother. I am equally disgusted and appalled by their behavior. The fact that Tammy would encourage her daughter to have an affair is truly revolting! As a mother you should guide and teach appropriate behaviors and morals. Chassity is still fairly young so I understand her need for male attention and what better way to boost your self esteem than with a married man who chose you over his wife and 3 children. Chassity obviously has some self esteem issues. Tammy is a horrible horrible person to encourage such behavior in her daughter. Unfortunately my friend is way to sweet to try to get revenge. She is content moving forward in her life and her marriage is stronger now than ever before. She attributes this to the cheating incident and believes that positives can come from negatives. She also believes that Karma will be all the revenge needed. I on the other hand, have been cheated on too and do not agree with letting good deeds go unpunished. Maybe I am my friend’s Karma. Whatever you want to call it, Chassity and her mom red a lesson in morals and values. No way around it. Utterly sickening how they believe they deserve respect after disrespecting my friend’s marriage! They are very entitled and of course have money but money can’t buy you morals, good looks, or good character. They are both sad individuals. My friend feels bad for them, truly bad for them. I feel nothing but disgust!