A guy by the name of tomega Mccoy called my fiance and left a message to help him with a past debt that he and his ex wife owed. I ran thru the name of this company very fast in the message and with a name like Tom Mccoy we knew automatically that is was scam action. Although anything remotely having to do with his ex wife I knew it had to be a SCAM because she is a scammer. And thanks to God for my beauty and brains we both had the sense enough to useat Google on my phone while my fiance played the message from his phone and we slowed the message down, and Google picked up Chatsworth macon and associates and thanks to my fellow patrons out there for doing your reviews after going thru what we just experienced we read all of the information listed here on BBB! And guess what!, we were right…the number has been blocked. I truly hope that this will help someone else because I’m sure they will attempt it again.