Let me tell you how I really feel! These are some f*-up mother-f*! I booked a flight with the them and when the airlines changed the flight number I could not get a new itenerary, from them, so they said to call the agent cheapfareguru.com to have the ticket number revalidated, so I could regenerate a new intinery. When I called cheapfareguru.com they transferd my call to India and durning the 5 calls I made to them they would put me on hold and forget about me, or tell me they revalidated it and didnt this went on for days. I finally said I want to talk to an american, they so ok and put me on hold again and forgot about me. Then the mother-f* made one of my conecting flights at a diffrent airport, who does that? I did not have time to make the conection due to usual Chicago traffic and missed my flight, which made me have to wait 6 hours for another flight. This cost me money while waiting and turned my travel into a 30 hour ordeal. I will never use these mother-f* again!

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