I booked a flight on cheapflights.ca and it directs you to a third party site that is more so of a travel agency or booking agent. So I continued making my booking and entered in my credit card information to complete the flight booking. Shortly after I recieved my booking information and within 25 minutes after that I received another email from the company saying they had to cancel my flight because westjet airines will not confirm the flight. The was spelling errors in the email. I called the company and the number was area code from Toronto, Canada. Then once I call they only have one person working in the call centre located in the netherlands. She proceeds to tell me i broken english that the money was refunded when nothing was refunded on my bank card. I asked to speak to a manager and she said there’s no mamanger. I checked cheap flights website and they have no way to contact customer service. The FAQ portion on the website pretty much tells you that no matter what happens they aren’t responsible for anything and to contact the 3rd party booking agency that you were connected with through their site to fix your problems. Cheap flights clearly dos not screen the 3rd party website they are connecting you with. BIG SCAM! had to cancel my cards and i don’t even know when or if i’ll ever get my money back. Cheap Flights you will hear from my attorney!

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