Cheap Roofing out of Corpus Christi TX Mr Ernesto Lara was hired to do a complete retooling job. I just moved in to my home and I was Sure the house needed a new roof and windstorm inspection. Mr Lara Gave me a reasonable price to reroof my home. When the roof was completed a couple days later I contacted him to let him know that I was not satisfied with the work and the structure of the roof was damaged. Some framing boards had been broken and some plywood had been caved in while the company was on the roof. Their is a dip on the roof and in the attic the damaged wood can be seen. He whent on and on abuOT how he was not hired to fix the structure and that it was already damaged. And that he would fix it but not for free. I kept telling him that I needed him to fix it because it was not damaged, he began to throw his hands in the air that if I had a problem I could fix it myself and hire my own windstorm inspector. He was yelling and throwing his hands in the air that he did not care about what I did, if I reported his company. I had to ask him to leave my property. A few hours later my vehicle was vandalized and the widows had been smashed in and the side of the vehicle was damaged. I made a police report and named him and the company as being hostile because I told him I was going to report his company as ripping people off and being dishonest.


Name: CHEAP Roofing 361

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Christi

Address: 1810 Comanche St Corpus

Phone: 361-737-2022