After being forced to cancel and re book airline tickets because of Hurricane Irene, Cheap tickets was going to charge me $900.00 dollars for tickets that are advertised on their web site at $290.00. I was told that those are discount prices for people booking flights, and those price were not available to me since I am re booking. This price was on top of the $877.00 I have already paid. I am getting nothing back, because they will not refund the money to me. They are thieves and liars, and take advantage of people. They have zero customer service, you can not understand their operators, and they are rude and hang up on you. They all need to take a course in “customer service”” and learn not to argue with the “”customer””. I would rather eat the cost of the tickets than deal with them again. I will never

ever deal with anything other than going directly to the airline again. Take head of this warning! Cheap Tickets is a scam

they are liars and cheats and they will rip you off.!”

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