BEAWARE! BEAWARE! nThis company misrepresents the public with “bait and switch”” tactics. For example

do a Google search for – orlando airport parking – to find this company promoting rates for the Marriott in the amount of $4.00 per day in their Google AdWords. Then go search on their site and you will not find $4.00 per day anywhere. Still not convinced? nI did a little more checking at other markets. Go do a search for – burbank airport parking – where the Google AdWords show a $6.00 per day rate. Now go to to see the daily rate at $10.00 per day. nAttorney Generals of every state

where are you? This company

Russian-owned by the way

is messing with the public and no one seems to care. Why? Hello. McFly?? nWake up America. And be careful handing your identity over to a foreign entity.”