I booked a trip to Las Vegas thru Cheapo Air on 12-01-2012 and spoke with Brisa and Carl,neither one told me the trip was non transferable or non refundable. My wife (Dianne) has Fibromyalgia which affects her muscles very badly. She had a flareup about Jan. 6th-2013 and she told me on 01-08-2013 that she just could not make the trip. I prayed about what I should do and God told me to ask David Zuehlke (Zeelke) to go in Dianne’s place. David takes a lot of medications and has a slight mental problem. He was so happy about the trip but he didn’t have any clothes to take so I carried him to Wal-Mart and bought him 3 shirts,3 pairs of pants,a jacket and a pair of dress shoes. He only has $650.00 to live on every month and our church pays his power bill,so I was giving him a trip of a lifetime. I call Cheapo Air on 01-11-2013 at 9:10p.m. and stayed on the phone for over 3 hours trying to get them to just change the name on the ticket from Dianne F. Tillery to David Zuehlke and they would not do it. Saturday 01-12-2013 I called back and ask them to just cancel my trip and then put it right back in for David Tillery and David Zuehlke and they would do that. On 01-14-2013,01-15-2013 and 01-16-2013 I talked to at least 6 agents and 5 supervisors without any help. I got so tired of hearing I’m sorry but we can’t change the name. nI told one supervisor that I would pay for my wife’s seat again for $377.70,the price I originally paid and she told me hold on,when she came back she said the ticket would be over $1300.00. I told her the seat is going to be empty and why do they care who sits in it. That’s where it stands as of01-16-2013 at 11:03p.m.,please help me. David Tillery

New York, New York United States of America

would not give me one


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