Airline Ticketing Scam


My Complaint: Avoid CheapoAir at all costs. I have booked with them 5 times and each time the problem got worst. The last time was for tickets from Las Vegas to Ft Lauderdale and back. They said my credit card was declined and asked for another. They ended up charging $850 on the supposed;y declined card and $480 on the second card. Then they reversed $280 on the first card and now claim I owe them $354. This was supposed to include reserved seating, which I do not have yet. All customer service is handles=d out of India with people who speak terrible English with heavy accents. $ hours of phone calls and problem never got resolved. Paid almost $1300 for something I could have got for $85 less on the airline website. Save yourself the hassle and avoid these scammers.


My Demand: Total Refund