Spoke with several individuals 1st being Ethan Stark who was a loan trainee for a payday loan after completing online application. Was approved for a certain amount and was said told would need 150.00 down payment in order for funds to be to be deposited into my checking account. Once funds were payed using google play card was placed on whole for verification process and was then informed that because of insurance needed on the loan I would need to pay another 350 or forfeit my 150. Once again added 350 to a google play card verification process was then once again started and per Kevin Cooper how was a loan processing specialist manager and was informed because of the time the loan would be in my bank by 8am Wednesday. On Wednesday the funds were not in my account called check n go and requested to speak with Kevin Cooper who was now conveniently not in the office because he had a car accident the night prior. Spoke with David who started 200 more dollars was needed because of the credit score which would be needed for a guaranteed assurance that I would be able to pay the loan on time. So for my inconvenience that loan amount paid out would be 5900, Kevin said 5600, and Ethan said 5150.