I was told i could get a $4000 loan if i could come up with $200 application fee. But i had to put the money on a green dot MoneyPak card and call them and give them the number and the money would be in my account within 2 hours. I called back in 2 hours and they said that it had been declined because my credit was below average. But if I put another $166 down which would be the amount of my first payment it would definitely go through. I told them that i couldn’t afford this from the beginning but they said to borrow from friends and family and they would have their money back within hours because I would get my loan plus the money I put into it. I was in dire need and never would have done anything like this but wasn’t thinking clearly because of the seriousness of my finanical situation. I even explained this to them and how it could ruin my life if it did not work and to please be honest if it wasnt going to go though and be happy with getting me for the $200 they did. They assured me it would work and now I have nothing and have lost the only money I had and am in debt to friends who I promised I would have their money back immediately. ANYONE ASKING FOR WESTERN UNION OR MONEYPAK on the phone is a scam it is too good to be true. I have alway known that but desperation can put hope in the wrong places. These people are monsters with no regard for anyone. Their names were “Sean Brown” and “Jon Matthews” the number i was called from was (916)469-7959. I hope this saves someone in the future.. I demand My money back. Stay away

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