Complaint: This place is a joke. Located in a prominent shopping area in Summerlin, you’d expect good food and good service. I went to this location with three friends a few weeks back. Being a patron on several other occasions, I expected a wait. The wait wasn’t bad, 20 minutes, but they were not busy. We could see all of the available tables! Next came the waiter, he got our drinks promptly. As he realized the kitchen apparently had a problem with our order he was no where to be found. Off subject, I happen to know servers from other locations. They truly arent servers, they are “order takers””

Tags: Restaurants

Address: and they have runners that deliver all of the food. Yet the “”server”” keeps practically all of the tip money. Take notice the next time you visit

Website: we got our order 50 minutes later. It was obvious that half of the order was recovered from the wrong table

Phone: several different “”servers”” will deliver each coarse. Well back to the kitchen mix-up. Apparently one of these “”runners”” brought our food to the wrong table. Okay