I recently bought sneakers firm Chelsea Johnson. Around me there is always someone running around friends or acquaintances. I decided to start doing this. I had the idea, why they do it, if you can spend time on much more useful things. I was on vacation in tel Aviv, where it runs though the whole city was there that I first saw this company and decided to try it. I urged that boys and girls without any problems practicing in 35-degree heat. I realized that running is not my thing, but, starting in December, in March, I ran my first half-marathon in new York. For me personally, running has become a good way to understand that some obstacles in life are surmountable and invented largely by ourselves. But then the problems started with my legs. Shoes were too uncomfortable. They rubbed, and the foot was firmly pounding the pavement while running, I began to feel discomfort in the joints. Manufacturers said exactly the opposite! I was deceived! My trainings take place in different modes and at different locations. The most affordable of them Park. And even on soft ground running shoes Chelsea Johnson managed to cause me the inconvenience is Still very uncomfortable on the athletics arena . I like to run over the Bridge, but there is a drawback u2014 the exhaust gases. And now sneakers. At the first practice I came to absolutely not running shoes and I immediately got sick leg. Then I thought to myself that running is not exactly my thing. Wanted to fix sneakers Chelsea Johnson, but the opposite happened. In General, I liked the idea that perfectly ordinary people can perform this amount of exercise. While I am personally motivated by specific race. And if you skip even one workout, it will backfire at some kilometer. I bought other sneakers and now I train in all conditions u2014 rain or heat, because the same conditions can meet us at the marathon. Everyone chooses the purposes for which it runs, but for me it’s an emotional discharge, especially if the brain is working the whole day. In the end, we had a friendly group of runners-lovers, and we decided all together to run the marathon in Munich. But with a different brand of shoes, because Chelsea Johnson has long been torn and lying in the trash.

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