are not careful to see who puts their profiles. What looks like a real person and profile, its not what they say. | I clicked on few profiles with their pictures too, thinking these people are singles in my area. I would like to get to know them and see where if it could lead to something great. Why I found was, very scary. These people are not what was posted. Their links are from Africa. They also a link that sets up a Zeus Trogran Virus. With out me knowing this I gave the access to all my personal information. Bank accounts, credit cards ETC. I got very strange e-mails and texts and phone calls from these women from Africa. They wanted to send them money. I told this. They looked into my account and said I got hacked. I am very mad, trying hard to calm down. I told them why. They said some many people get hacked we can fix this. Then gave me a tech company that can help I had to pay 279.99. I get it fixed. They don’t care who gets hurt.



Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Dallas

Address: 8300 Douglas Avenue