The first couple times they came out and repaired them … And I have been pretty nice about it even though it truly is a pain in my butt to have to call them wait for them to come for a few weeks and look at my house with window trim falling off .. Well this last time roughly over two months ago the window trim off my large front window came off so I called them to have them come out yet again to repair it … First conversation over the phone went something like this I will send the seller in the area to fix it soon I will call you back … Nothing a couple weeks go by I call again … This time I am pretty much told the same thing … Make a long story short I have called probably about six times now I keep getting the runaround saying whoever I want to speak to or need to speak to is not in but they will have her call me back … I have left two messages on the answer machine and I also have not been called back from those . | Just over a year ago we had Cheerokee construction Inc. come out to our house to replace our windows . Within months the trim around the windows started coming off one or two at a time . We called them and on roughly 3 different locations they came out to fix it a few weeks after my phone call to them . This was kind of upsetting considering we just sunk that kind of money into our house thinking it would hold up and look nice for secrral years to come. The last time someone came out the man told me the Fellers who put the windows in did not screw the trim on right otherwise this would not be happening. Anyhow long story short we bought these windows with the warranty and guarantee that they would be a lifetime commitment behind the windows and the workmanship. Just around three months ago a Nother piece of trim fell off my front picture window . I call the Cherokee and they said they would get back to me I’m going to feller would come out to fix it . A few weeks went by I called them back and they pretty much said the same thing .. Three or four phone calls later nobody has come out to repair this and they have stopped responding to my phone calls and will not return my calls. I used to actually tell people to go through them I had like to the company but not anymore . Now I say buyer beware they do not stand behind their workmanship like promised. I am about to file with the Better Business Bureau .


Name: Cherokee Construction inc.

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Findlay

Address: 345 Center St.

Phone: 419-424-9310