Complaint: We ordered a used engine from cherry auto parts, a 2001 model with 21,000 miles on it, and a year warranty. When the engine was delivered to our mechanic he called and said what they sent was a 2000, with what looked like 121,000 miles on it, leaking oil out of the rear seal, rusted, and only a 90 day warranty. When I called the company and spoke to the manager, he said that the engine has been sitting on the shelf for 3 or 4 years so of course cosmetically it doens’t look good, but to take off the valve cover and we would see that it’s a good engine, and that they dont’ cover seals so it probly is leaking oil, that we just need to replace the seals, and that what they sent is actually a 1999 model,and that even though it said on the website that it comes with a year warranty, it only comes with a 90 day warranty, if i would like to purchase and extended warranty i could still do that. We called our mechanic back and he said the engine is stamped with 2000. Since the company has no clue which enigine they even sent us we are not comfortable with having it installed. I asked the manager should we choose to send the engine back how should we take care of it, he said to just give him a call and he would make arrangements. When my boyfriend called him back to make arrangements to send the engine back, he said that we would have to pay for shipping which would cost $200. Even though they sent the wrong engine they want us to pay for the shipping!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ENGINES!!! As I am writing this the situation is still unresolved, we are refusing to pay for shipping, but then that leaves us with the engine. The last time my boyfriend contacted the manager about returning the engine, the manager said “this is bullshit”” and hung up on him. Cassandra jefferson

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