Chiefland Chrysler Jeep Dodge Chiefland Dodge Crooks, Scammers and Liars Chiefland Florida!!. If you like to play games, be lied to. Then this is the place for you. They Advertise on multiple websites the price of a vehicle and when you get there the price of the vehicle is $6000.00 more than the adverised price. Then they take your vehicle keys to keep you hostage for hours, Trying to sell you the over priced viehcle. I asked for my keys back 4 differents times. Just a bunch of lie-ing, scamming, crooks. Stay away from this dealership at all costs. They are not looking out for your best interest. I just wish someone would of told me about their bad business practices. I wasted 4 hours there trying to get my our vehicle keys back. I just wish someone would of told me not to waste me time there. With these crooks. I bought the same truck in Starke, Florida for $10,000.00 cheaper with no lies or scamming.

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