Complaint: Child protective services Cps Burnet county, Karon Gayoso The caseworker stated I failed a hair follicle and stated that I was being flaky not complying with the system. That was a lie and I had proof of all the classes I had been going to and complying with them. Also that I in fact passed the hair follicle. She used all this to convince the counselor for my children to say I would never get my life straight for them. I went through 3 months in rehab to get off drugs got a big beautiful home. I still never got my kids back. Also got to spend 26 hours total out of my daughter whole life who was born on (((REDACTED))). She be 1 year old soon. Karon called the judge right after I gave birth to my baby an said she was having withdraws. That was a lie as well but she got a clearance for emergency removal. Also in the court order it stated that I get 72 hrs with her while in the hospital. That didn’t happen either nor did she show me the judges order.

Tags: Family Services

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