Complaint: The company is a bad company to work for and it is not doing a good service to our trouble youth. There turn over rate for staff is bad also. They go through new staff about over 2 months do to company not training there staff on policy and procedure ect. I started working there thinking that I was going to make a differance but realize months later the system was letting these kids fall through that cracks. Staff are told that we need to get the kids to be prepare for living for the real world but when staff dose, staff are then told that we are not allowed to help them find jobs, get them ready for college or school of any type. I was employed there for over 1 yr and during that year they had promised a client that they were going to get that child in GED classes the day I started and so far they have not done it. They keep these kids in there system for there own personnel gain and money. The majority of the staff that are employed are not experience to work in a setting of this type. They are hiring people off the streets, that work in gas stations and resturants for take care of our trouble youth.

Tags: Family Services

Address: 409 Vandiver West, Bldg. 5, Ste. 203 Internet United States of America