Choctaw casinos in the state of Oklahoma are not properly regulated. Its very simple to run a test to see if this casino has any chance to provide fair gaming. We ran a test on multiple days through the course of two months to see if gaming was truley just a game of chance with random wins or loses. The results indicate that the gaming is not randon and is in fact rigged for loss. | Its impossible to believe that multiple individuals will all have a 98% failure in even money gaming with many attempts. If anyone wants to challenge this you will easily see the feaud being performed. Its impossible to believe but one individual spent $8000 dollars on video poker on four different machine and never caught one four of a kind one night. Thats is not bad luck considering that on a 5 dollar bet the percentage of hitting one four of kind is not that hard with so many games played. Scam.


Name: Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

Country: United States

State: Oklahoma

City: Durant

Address: 3735 Choctaw Rd

Phone: 800-788-2464