This is a company who never wants to cover your issues mostly of the time. Well, I just discovered there are so many law suits against them already. Haha, no wonder! I have called them for my water heater issue. It took them a long time to find me a tech.(by the way, this plumber has a lots of complaints as well, I found out) from distance away. This unqualified tech claimed my water heater was down for sediment built up. Choice denied me for the claim. I don’t agree with them. I hired a professional water boiler contrater for inspection. Choice agreed, if I could find it different issue. Choice would take care of it. I asked my contractor to take a look at it. He found the circuit board was all bad. I have to asked my contractor to fix it. On the invoice it clearly stated. Sediment built up was not the cause of the water heater down and replacement of the circuit board. This heater is running again. It is clearly shown the circuit board was the issues of the heater down. By the time I handed Choice the bill I had from my contractor. Choice came back with: I ver reviewed the invoice from the second opinoin obatained. Both boards were foud to be damaged, but no cause of failure was provided. Based on the information ……Deny! Choice hired an full of complaints plumber over my house and gave Choice a wrong information. When I found what was wrong with the unit and fix it. They just simply say… Yes, both of the tech said it is not working. We are not going to cover you anyway! No more arguement! I have another experience with them previously, there was another issue with the plumbing. Choice have no contractors wanted to deal with them. Choice ended up asking me to find my own plumber. What? Yes, believe it. When Choice told you they will give you free two months service. This is totally fake. I have never had a free two months service. They also said they will provide a free service of septic tank. Well, well, the money they would cover never enough. You ended up pay for it. The contractor told me that was the worst warranty company they would deal with. They don’t pay their contractors either. I decide to cancel their service. Their respond is: Great! let me cancel you service contract for you. But there is no refund! Haha, What do you think. Obviously Scams, Ripoff!

1090 King Georges Post Road Edison, NJ 08837 Edison, New Jersey United States

(888) 373-7924

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