Complaint: I signed a contract with Choice Home Warranty in May of 2014 for my vacation home in Henderson, Nevada. According to what the contract says it is for a period of 356 days. We gave them permission to deduct the monthly payment out of our checking account for that period. A few weeks ago I started getting calls from Choice saying that they can no longer take payments out of my checking because something is wrong. I checked it out and when we were issued a new card from the bank with a chip installed about 4 months ago they no longer allowed anymore monthly deductions. Then it dawned on me they were taking money out of the account passed the time on the contract. I told them this and the lady on the phone representing the company said the contract was for 3 years…..which is a total fabrication……..then directed me to customer service…………and some lousy elevator music while they ignored me. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB and probably the Attorney Generals Office in Nevada. I’ve read that they have over 2000 complaints with BBB and the Attorney General in New Jersey is investigating them.

Tags: US Postal Service

Address: Edison, New Jersey USA


Phone: 888-531-5403