Choice Home Warranty recently lost a lawsuit in New Jersey for deceptive practices. They currently have a rating of C+ for the New Jersey BBB. I am reporting that their practices have not changed in Florida. Choice Home Warranty has a long history of using shady and deceptive practices to deny claims. My air conditioner started developing problems in June 2016. After spending money on several unneccessary repairs, I finally recharged my leaking air conditioner out of my own pocket in July 2016. I had the air handler cleaned at the same time. Over the next three weeks, the air conditioner lost half of its charge. I shut down the entire system when I realized that it was sucking debris into the air handler. The air conditioner was not run from August 2016 to October 2016. During that time period, I had extensive drywall work done around the air handler. Choice Home Warranty claimed tha tthe debris sucked into the air hander when the leak caused the system to fail caused the system to fail. They are also claiming that the debris that fell into the air handler from the drywall work, which occurred in October 2016, more than two months after the system was shut off, caused the air handler to fail. Do not purchase a home warranty through Choice Home Warranty. Despite losing a lawsuit in New Jersy, the company still has no better than a C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, Choice Home Warranty is continuing their deceptive and shady practices in states outside of New Jersey.

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