I was an employee at Choice Hotels Quality Inn when a customer was lcked out of the room and couldnt get back in where she left her prt to come to the office with a cop to apologize for an disturbance she caused at the hotel. No matter me nor maitenace was able toget her door opened, the police demanded we open the door of course a dog is locked n the room the manager at that time didnt answer the phone the entire night. A locksmith was called from a 911 number a police or police dept called. I was working the front desk so of course they brought the bill to the front desk and there was cash there so I gave the payment and placed the receipt in the drawer. They took the 100$ out of my check now either I get my hundred dollars or I own a percentage of the hotel for the investment in the door, right or wrong,

1107 Kings Rd Tifton, Georgia United States